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Water Wise


1. Water between 5:00 Pm And 9:00Am, Early morning is always best as this is the best time when plants can absorb the water using the sun light with out it getting evaporated, if you water at night the water has to sit there all night long until the sun comes out this often creates problems in your garden like fungus on the plants.

2. From October to May you can water your lawn twice a week for example Monday and Friday or Tuesday and Saturday, From June To September three times a week 10 Minutes day if you have a drip system installed for plants you can water for as long as 30 Minutes a day twice a week

3. Use MP rotating sprinklers heads which water slower and more efficiently than traditional sprinkler heads.

4. Check and adjust your irrigation system monthly.

5. Install a weather irrigation controller that automatically adjusts with weather.

6. And remember to change the controller back up battery once a year.


Select less thirsty grasses. Use a longer cut for maximum water conservation and healthier turf.
Raise your lawn mower blade to 3 inches to 3 and half inches in the summer and to 1 and half  to two and a half in the cooler months. A lawn cut higher encourages grass roots to grow deeper, shades the root system and holds in soil moisture better than closely mowed lawn.

Thirsty Turf!
Kentucky blue grass

Medium Water Turf
St. Agustine

1. Aerate the soil at list twice as year to help water infiltrate.
2. Reduce lawn area expand planter bed borders with drought tolerant plants and make sure this areas have separate valves is best to use a drip system for planter areas.
3. Fertilize use organic compost or composted manure instead of chemical fertilizer. This will build healthier soil.

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